Orders Tab

Orders Tab

The orders tab allows you to create records of local orders that are then processed in the same way as your online sales.

You can do this when Packing Partner is installed on a single PC, or have a dedicated PC for taking telephone orders.

Using the syncing option, orders can be processed on the same PC, or optionally transferred to another PC for printing and exporting.

Orders Toolbar

Filter, Invert, Ticked

Filters the list of generated orders, invert shows all orders not included in the filtered text, ticked shows all doers that have been ticked.


Create a new order, for information please see Order Editor


Edit an existing order. Existing orders can be edited until they have been printed from the Records Tab.


Provides the same functionality as Update from the Browser Tab, to set the carrier details of the order and add any tracking IDs imported or entered from carriers.


Transfers orders to the Records Tab for processing, together with orders collected from online sales channels.


Lists of products can be created to be selected from a drop-down list when creating an order. For more information see Product Editor.