Import Products

Importing Products

Importing products from records is done from the Product Editor, where you can import product details from existing records or data in a csv or similar file, to be used in the Orders Tab.

Once the products have been imported, they will be shown in a product editor window. Here you can edit or delete them before adding them to the main product editor.

Importing from Records

Allows you to import products from existing products stored in Packing Partner.

Match product by

This field tells the importer how to match products that are the same, so that products are not duplicated in the product editor.

SKU, Code, Location

Packing Partner has three product identifier fields, SKU Code and Location. Select the field that the SKU, Code and Location will be imported from.

Populate with

Select the period to search. This will save time if you only want to import products collected since the last time you edited your products.

Importing from File

Allows you to import products from an existing CSV or similar data file.


For each field (Title, SKU, etc.), select the column where that information appears in your data file.