Exporting Records

Exporting from Packing Partner

Packing Partner can export the collected records as CSV or XML, to export in either format, from the Records Tab click Records>Export to File . You can choose the type to save from the Save as Type drop-down on the save dialog.

Editing templates

All Packing Partner templates can be edited from Tools>Options>Records>Resource Templates .

See here for details of the fields that are available for use in all Packing Partner output templates.

CSV Export

The CSV template can contain one or two lines, the first is an optional header line,the second contains the fields to be exported. If you don't require a header your fields will be on the first line.

The format of the CSV can either be one line for each item in the sale or one line for each record. To only output one line for each record start your field line with {SR} to tell Packing Partner this is a single record output.

Control fields

In addition to the data fields, the CSV export also has these control fields:

Enables single item row output
{QT} " (Quote)
{CQ} "," (Quote Comma Quote)
{CR} CR (ASCII 13)
{LF} LF (ASCII 10)

XML Export

The XML template contains an XML template with sections for the different parts of a sales record. Each section needs an opening and closing tag.

XML sections

This must exist in the XML to produce an output.
<Record> Fields relating to the record
<Customer> Fields relating to the customer
<Delivery> Fields relating to the delivery address
<Invoice> Fields relating to the invoice, the <Items> must be contained in here.
<Items> The Items section is repeated for each item in the record
<Item> Fields for each item