Auto Logins

Browser Auto Login

Auto logins allow you to automatically login to pages that require a username and password. The Username and password are automatically completed and the login button activated whenever the page is navigated to.

Add Auto Login

Navigate to the page you want to add a login for and click Pages>Add Auto Login .

The ID/username and password fields will be automatically detected, and highlighted on the page with blue and red dotted lines. The other fields highlighted for clarity are the form and button, in orange and green. These are not important unless the auto-login doesn't work.

Amend Auto Login

You can Enable, Amend or Remove each auto login by hovering over the menu entry in the list.

Multiple Logins

If a login page has more than one login, e.g if you have more than one eBay account, an information bar at the top of the browser will be displayed, for you to choose which login to use.

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