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#1 23-03-2016 06:46 pm


Adding your own carrier and methods

Adding your own carrier and methods
You can add your own carrier and methods, by going to Tools>Scripting and using the functions Carrier_AddCarrier() and Carrier_AddMethod() to add them: 

Module Scripting
 Function Carrier_AddCarrier() As String()
  Return "My Carrier".Split("|")
 End Function

 Function Carrier_AddMethod(Carrier As String) As String()
  If Carrier = "My Carrier" Then
   Return "Method A|Method B".Split("|")
  End If
 End Function
End Module

In this example, a carrier named My Carrier, will be added to the list of available carriers. When that carrier is selected, the method list will change to show Method A and Method B.
You can add multiple carriers by separating them with the | character.


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