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Amazon sales using FBA and VAT invoices


I am wondering what people do about their Amazon FBA sales where the order does not always appear until maybe a few days later once the order has shipped, and the sale date maybe a couple of days old already.

Given we are not shipping the order, on one hand there seems no point in downloading the order in Packing Partner. However any Amazon customer could ask for a VAT receipt, so it seems we must download them so we can email the VAT invoice from Packing Partner.

When we download them of course the software expects us to print and ship the orders. We can instead mark them as printed and mark them as shipped, but the shipped date won't match when Amazon actually shipped them, so our records won't be very accurate.

Is this what people generally do, since we have to have a VAT invoice for every sale for HMRC?

Thank you



#2 17-06-2016 03:19 pm

Simply NikNaks

Re: Amazon sales using FBA and VAT invoices

Whether you need a VAT invoice on every sale depends on whom you selling to. If they a VAT registered business then yes but otherwise no. HMRC only need you to keep accurate records and only interested in bottom line of sales totals not the individual sales. We only send a VAT invoice on request and then create it from a Word template.


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Re: Amazon sales using FBA and VAT invoices

We have the same issue. We collect all FBA sales into PP. But usually do it at the end of the month as they can appear 7 days after the order. It is also good to have it in the database for us as we collect from multiple channels and then export to work out VAT. So better all sales together.


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