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#1 03-10-2016 01:10 pm

Simply NikNaks

Royal Mail DMO - Potential problem with tracking 2D barcode

This is a heads up on a potential problem with capturing the parcel reference number in PP

The Royal Mail DMO system has been adding a 2D barcode for awhile now. It is not full tracking but parcels will be scanned on delivery so ultimately senders can confirm delivery. The system was supposed to be live in the Spring 2016. This then changed to Summer 2016 but it is still not live for many people, but it seems it has now started to roll out.

I have been uploading the Shipment/Tracking Numbers automatically into PP for some time and PP picks up the number beginning AAA and ending GB for the 24/48 service (all other tracked services have a similar number beginning with 2 letters and ending with GB).

However, I was speaking to someone who was insisting that the delivery confirmation service for them was working. However, it was not the AAA....GB number but a 21 character digit number they had to use (anyone with a print out of a DMO Shipment List can see this number under the Shipment Numbers column which has the AAA....GB number, a parcel number then this 21 digit reference number).

Now for me neither the AAA....GB or the 21 char ref number works to confirm delivery on the 24/48 service. On my tracked items I have to use the XX...GB number as the 21 char ref does not work. However, if what I have been told by this other person is true, then for the 24/48 service we will need to capture the 21 char ref, and for any other service the XX...GB number.

Has anyone who uses the DMO system tried tracking a 24/48 parcel and can confirm the above?



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