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#1 19-10-2016 09:14 pm


Automate uploading of address data for Interlink

Hi Andrew

We are just about to sign up for Interlink for our parcels instead of using parcel aggregators such as Parcel2Go and DespatchBay, so we can finally integrate with the courier.

Interlink and DPD are owned by the same company and use the same internal systems etc, but Interlink target smaller businesses vs DPD targetting larger businesses. One advantage Interlink has is that they charge per consignment vs per parcel, so we can send multiple parcels to the same customer at no extra cost vs having to pack items into 1 large box.

However I just noticed that the integration with Interlink does not include automated uploading of address data, whereas DPD is integrated, even though it is the same parent company and they share systems.

Is there a technical limitation for this integration with Interlink? I realise you have a lot of work on at the moment, but is there any chance of this progressing? I just thought we can finally automate this aspect of our parcels when changing courier only to see it is a partial automation.

Many thanks,



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