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#1 29-11-2016 07:15 am


Updating orders

Hi all,
Hope someone can help me with updating sales on eBay and amazon.

So i printed the orders and marked as shipped on packing partner.
Then i go back to the browser (inside packing partner) and click on Update sales, the icon with the green tick.
Once clicked i get a pop up showing me that orders are being updated on the site printed.
This timer takes ages, hehe. I'd say around 10 minutes.
Lets say i have 220 orders on amazon.

First part that slows me down is that amazon only allows me to print 100 orders at a time.
So updating sales for first 100 takes around 10 Minutes.
Then again another 10 minutes for the 2nd batch.
Is there anyway i can speed this process up?

Im not sure if im being fussy here but i also have one more process that slows me down.
If printing from amazon, as mentioned above can only print 100 orders at a time.

Packing Partners Sorts the Orders (as per my settings) it has received from the site.
Then when you print the second page it sorts that batch to.
I will have the same products in the first batch of prints and the second batch.
This is down to amazon really as packing partners only collects the products i have ticked on amazon, and amazon does not allow to sort by product.

Is there a way around this?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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