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#1 02-02-2018 06:09 pm

Simply NikNaks

Help with Click & Drop

I am currently using DMO and moving to Click & Drop

I thought I would just need to amend my Shipping Rules changing courier to Click & Drop and then Service etc. However, when I get to Service I am only presented with the codes OLP1, OLP1SF, OLP2, OLP2SF, SD10LP, SD20LP, SD30LP

Which I assume are for Parcel24, Parcel 24 Signed For, Parcel48, Parcel48 Signed for, and then Special Delivery (£500, £1000, £2500 compensation)

But where are all the International codes ?

Also, if I go to my Click & Drop hub to create an order the Service codes are the same as I am currently using for DMO (i.e. CRL24, CRL48, SD1, SD2, SD3 (for UK) and IE1, MP1, MTA etc (for International)

I'm confused


#2 02-02-2018 10:09 pm


Re: Help with Click & Drop

You can type any codes into the box, those listed are just the defaults.


#3 06-02-2018 09:54 pm


Re: Help with Click & Drop

If you go into your click and drop account and go to 'settings' - 'shipping services' here you find the list of the codes. Use these codes to put in the service text box in the shipping rule area. You do not need to use any of the preset options.


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