#1 13-04-2018 12:47 pm

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v3.4 Express - support for woocommerce?

Just a couple of questions regarding this new version

1. Do you plan on adding support for wooCommerce?

2. If answer to above is Yes, I use a plugin on wooCommerce that pulls in my eBay and Amazon orders into it automatically. However, in PP I have specific shipping rules for eBay and Amazon which I would want to keep, so I would want PP to determine somehow that a woocommerce order was originally created outside of woocommerce (i.e. on ebay or amazon) and not pull in those orders into PP (as they would be pulled in directly from ebay/amazon)

If the above were implemented, I would be extremely interested in adding the Express subscription


#2 14-04-2018 10:44 am


Re: v3.4 Express - support for woocommerce?

Thanks for the question. WooCommerce is not currently supported, but is planned for this year, along with a few others including Magento, Shopify and EKM


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