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#1 27-06-2018 03:13 pm


Click & Drop Queries

Can anyone help with a couple of queries re: Click & Drop...we are currently in the process of swapping over to it and are deciding the best way for it to work with our current warehouse processes.

1. Is the tracking data automatically imported into sales channels such as Amazon if you use the 'Automatic Carrier Integration' method? If not how can you do this?
2. Can you print the postage label and your packing slip onto the same piece of integrated paper...I believe this is a yes but just want to make sure

Emma x



#2 28-06-2018 01:40 pm


Re: Click & Drop Queries

Hi Emma,

There are several ways to operate, but a common approach is:

  1. Collect sales into Packing Partner, either manually or via the Express addon

  2. Book the applicable shipments in with Click & Drop via the Packing Partner browser

  3. The labels generated on C&D will be automatically imported into your sale Records

  4. You can now print your normal invoices, with the Royal Mail label on them (this allows you to print on integrated label paper) or you can print them to a thermal

  5. At this stage the tracking numbers are also now stored with your sale Records, and will be uploaded to eBay / Amazon etc when you despatch via the browser, or using the Express despatch button

If you would like help setting up Click and Drop with Packing Partner we are offering setup sessions as part of our advanced support. Also, we are able to get preferential rates on integrated labels for our customers. Please drop us an email if you would like to pursue, thanks.

If you are not using Express, or not yet seen it please take a look here:


#3 21-07-2018 01:30 pm


Re: Click & Drop Queries

hi Ben (Emma sorry to cut in on your thread, but it looks like you are a few steps ahead of me... ie I have not done anything yet, so I thought I would sit on here if ok,)

So, to be sure I understand ... I need to register with Click & Drop (we currently only use OBA, tried to register today.,. but OBA down so could not get my poster number as in home office :) )

Then once it is set up with shipping rules etc...

1. I import as normal from ebays / amazons

2. Export to C&D the info - this charges me and gets me the barcodes

3. Import it back to PP , and I can then print on the integrated paper?

so....(I will be asking for the advanced help for the PP side) - what do I need to set up in C&D? - how do I get the weight / size / HSS code on it? - we have over 2000 different lines - but they are grouped ie Kids PJ that are very similar weight and will be same HSS code - where do I import this data, so that I am not having to manually put it in each time? - is this stored in C&D or PP?




#4 23-07-2018 02:21 pm


Re: Click & Drop Queries

Hi Rachel,

Yes that's correct.

You will need the weights in Packing Partner so that your shipment weight (and size if you wish) is available at the time you book the shipments in with Click and Drop (and other carriers where applicable).

There are a few ways to achieve this:

1. Use a spreadsheet of listings which can be loaded into the Lookup in Packing Partner.
2. Use the Lookup editor interface without spreadsheet
3. Make sure all your listings have weights on eBay / Amazon, and Packing Partner will then be able to ascertain total weight without the need of a Lookup
4. Manually set (individually or in bulk) weights and other carrier information using the Amend Carrier feature.
5. Use default weights in Shipping Rules
6. Use bespoke logic, which may involve elements the above, by extending PP via Scripting

Which way you go at this moment will depend on what information you have to hand (if any) and where it is. For example if all your listings have the already weights on them, then it's probably easier to continue with that.You may be able to arrange with Royal Mail that they accept a fixed / average weight. There are other services available (such as UK Mail) which do not require such a high level of data accuracy, but still feed into the Royal Mail network. You can often make savings using a high sort service like this as well.

You will also need to determine the formats of the parcels, eg. letter, large letter, parcel. This can be achieved with the Package value system in the Lookup feature and Shipping Rules, or various other ways such as basing formats on data coming from the channel (eg. eBay’s Package Type).The Harmonized Commodity Codes could be added to your Lookup spreadsheet, but we probably would need to do some work for you to achieve this.Within our advanced support we can offer advice and assistance getting you to a stage.


#5 06-08-2018 04:44 pm


Re: Click & Drop Queries

Hi Ben.
For this option - 1. Use a spreadsheet of listings which can be loaded into the Lookup in Packing Partner.
Is this feature already somewhere on PP or do I need to do something to add this?

All our products and packages have different weights.... so this might be the best option ...... although it's a mammoth mission!  But possibly in the long run better than having to weigh every single parcel as we do now.


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