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Separating automatically combined orders

When PP realises that a customer has placed 2 or more orders it automatically combines into 1 shipment/parcel. Usually this is fine but there are occasions when I want to override this and keep the orders separate. For example

  1. Part of the order may be fulfilled by a dropship

  2. Combined weight of order may be above 2Kg and it is cheaper to send as multiple parcels each below 2Kg than it is to be sending 1 heavy parcel

  3. I may want to use a different shipping method for part of the order

How can I split the combined order into separate parcels/shipments?

Ideally I would want to be able to select the combined shipment order and have a menu option to split it again.


#2 07-11-2018 10:13 pm


Re: Separating automatically combined orders

We are looking at how we can achieve this, it will be included in a future release.


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