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#1 21-05-2019 03:08 pm


Shipping Rules

Am using a lot of the shipping rules and works great.

But wondering if it is possible to edit the exported rules in any other program? And then import it back.

For example I want to send 500 particular items on one way. Currently I copy and paste the sku into the rule manually. But it is impossible to keep track or edit.



#2 21-05-2019 03:31 pm


Re: Shipping Rules

You can do it using import/export shipping rules in the dialog.

Although you may find it easier to use Scripting to provide the list of SKUs.

See under Script here: … rules.html

We can do the script for you, but it would be chargeable (probably 2-3hours).



#3 Today 12:48 pm

Simply NikNaks

Re: Shipping Rules

Have you got an example of a Script?

Similar to user above who wants to test different SKU, I want to make sure that for certain countries I always send tracked.
I realise I can do via a Script but the Help gives no example - it just basically says is is:
The value returned by the Collect_FieldValue(Record As RecordStruct) function

So - I have gone to Tools - Scripting. I then goto Code - Collect
But there is no option to add the Collect_FieldValue function

Even then - how do I create code for testing Country or SKU?. I just want a simple example to get me started



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