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#1 04-06-2018 02:43 pm


Import tracking in to eBay

I was just wondering how everyone else was importing tracking details from Click and Drop in to eBay.

I can import the tracking numbers in to Packing Packing OK. Until a couple of days ago using the Packing Partner "Despatch" button while on eBay's awaiting dispatch page marked them as dispatched and added the tracking numbers. 

I realise this is a known issue and maybe I was lucky that this was working for me until last week.

So as I mentioned, how are you guys importing tracking numbers in to eBay?


#2 05-06-2018 10:04 am


Re: Import tracking in to eBay

Hi there,

As you mention, it sounds like it's been changed on your account now also. We are working on a fix which will hopefully be released very soon.

It's worth considering using the Express addon which isn't susceptible to these issues, plus brings other benefits and conveniences to your processing. For exact pricing and to check if any current offers apply to you, please email us the following:

  • Number eBay and Amazon accounts you operate

  • Estimated weekly sales (number of orders)

You can email direct to: ben (at) aimcosoftware (


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