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#1 15-11-2018 03:32 pm


Royal Mail International Pre-Advice

Pre-Advice for International Shipments

As of 1st January 2019, Royal Mail will require electronic pre-advice for shipments going to destinations outside of the EU.

We will be releasing an update for Packing Partner by 1st December to cope with these new requirements.

To meet the requirements, you will need to know the Harmonised System Codes (aka Tariff codes) for your products. HMRC (and other sites) provide searchable databases for this information.

You will be able to enter this information into Packing Partner. When booking in shipments on Click and Drop, the information you have provided will be included.

If you do not use Click and Drop, it is understood that you can continue to send parcels outside of the EU as long as you affix correct CN22 / CN23 with the relevant HS codes.

We will update this post to confirm these how these new features will work, and when the update is available.

If you have any queries we recommend that you check with your Royal Mail account manager where applicable. Also below are some useful links on pre-advice. … ional-data


#2 04-12-2018 02:52 pm


Re: Royal Mail International Pre-Advice

In the latest release of Packing Partner (download here), new features are available to support Royal Mail's international pre-advice through Click and Drop.

The Product Lookup (Tools>Lookup) has three new fields:

HS Name
Customs Description

HS Code
Tariff Code

Country of Origin

For help on the lookup editor, go to Tools>Help and then choose Product Lookup under the Guides category.

*Note if you cannot open the Lookup from the menu, you will need the Lookup feature enabled in Tools>Features.

Important note for Click and Drop users

The first time you import shipments after installing this latest update, you will need to remap the import fields.
This is a simple case of choosing the matching headers from the drop-down menus on the C&D Import page.

Packing Partner will include these new fields as part of the upload.

Further help with Click and Drop / Lookup

Our help documents detail the steps required to set up Click and Drop in general, plus information on carriers in general and the lookup feature. Packing Partner help can be viewed from Tools>Help.

If you prefer us to help you with your setup, Click and Drop integration or related topics please send us an enquiry to:

Advanced support sessions are charged at £30+VAT per hour.


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