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#1 06-09-2019 12:08 pm

Simply NikNaks

Splitting combined orders

Sometimes it is useful that PP combines orders from same customer automatically - but sometimes it is not.
For example. Lets say I have 3 orders from same customer for something that weighs 900g and I want to send via Royal Mail Special Delivery
If I put all in same parcel it will cost £26.60
If I put 2 in one parcel and 1 in another it will cost me £11 for first parcel and £8.70 for second parcel - saving me £6.90
So sometimes I want to split the orders.
It would be useful if instead of automatically combining orders. PP throws up a window showing the orders is will combine for a customer and you could then select manually which to combine.


#2 06-09-2019 01:50 pm


Re: Splitting combined orders

Thanks, we can look at that as an option for the next version.


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