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Current Status

Current Status

Unable to collect from WooCommerce 04th January 2022 3.45pm
This has been fixed in release V3.5.3.111, please download from here


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Re: Current Status

Recent Issues

Express Server not running - 19th November 2021 09:00
This issue should be cleared now, and orders should be coming through

eBay Despatching - 5th November 2021 10:30
eBay seems to have some issues despatching on Express.
This issue should be cleared now.

Server Issues
Our server has had some issues, but they should be resolved now.
If you get any server or Express errors, please just restart Packing Partner.

Missing settings
Packing Partner V3.5.3.71 had an issue with not loading settings.
Please click here to download the update that fixes this issue.
If your settings need to be recovered please see here

eBay Titles on Express
It looks like eBay have made some changes to the data they send out.
Some users are seeing no title for some products on non variation listings. We have applied a fix for this.
For any that come through, you can either enter the title, or delete the record and collect it through the browser.

BigCommerce Collecting
This is fixed in the latest version: click here to download the update

Express Despatching
There was an issue with Express despatching, but it should be working now.
Orders marked shipped from 8pm 25/10/2021 may not be despatched.

If you have any sales that didn't get despatched, you'll need to mark them despatched manually or do the below:

Go to Express, and then the Updating view.
Use the filter and then select, or just select the sales that didn't update on the platform(s).

Right click and choose Upload Despatched Again
They should then get despatched as normal a short time later.


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