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#1 28-03-2023 03:51 pm

Simply NikNaks
Simply NikNaks

Amazon Cancelled Orders

Today I got asked by a customer why I had sent their order when they had cancelled it.

Now when I collect my Amazon orders I just 'Select' - 'Uncollected' then 'Sales' - 'Collect sales records'

The record that was cancelled was so far down that it did not show up on first screen so it got collected and obviously shipped as usual as I never saw the message from Amazon saying customer had requested cancellation and that I should authorise.

Now admittedly it was my fault - and I need to check for cancelled orders before collecting into PP.

However, is there anyway in the data you get from Amazon that you know if an order has been cancelled (i.e. customer has requested it but not yet authorised) and show that order up in PP somehow?


#2 28-03-2023 03:54 pm


Re: Amazon Cancelled Orders

Not sure, we'd need to have a look at what data we get from Amazon.
I'll have a look at the docs and see what we can do.


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