Multi Page Layouts

Multi Page Layouts

The layout designer has attributes, applied to frames on the page that allow printing on the first, after first or after last pages.

The attributes are used to provide continuation pages, print optional fields such as CN22 forms after the main pages, or print an item per page for gift messages, certificates, etc.

Multi page layouts can be used to print on sheet labels, roll labels, plain or integrated label paper.

The image above shows a simple label with attributes to print on three separate pages or labels.

Use the View menu on the toolbar to show only the frames for the page you want to work on.

Multi Page Attributes

The following attributes are applied to frames on a layout, to create multi page layouts and continuation pages. When an attribute is applied to a frame, the frame displays the corresponding image .

Item per label

Prints a single item per label or page.

Use this option to print gift messages or certificates, where each purchased item is printed on a separate page.

Item must exist

Only prints a page when the field contains data.

Can be used in conjunction with Items Per Label to only print gift messages for items that have a gift message.

Field must print

Ensures that this field will print.

eg. Use in conjunction with After first page , to ensure that the field is always printed.

First page only

Frames with this attribute will only be printed on the first page.

Use this attribute for example, to only print the delivery address on the first page of a delivery note or invoice.

After first page

This attribute is used primarily to provide delivery notes or invoices with a continuation sheet that prints after the first page.

If the frame is a delivery notes or invoice, the products will automatically continue onto this frame if it is required. Other frames require the Field must print attribute set, to ensure they print after the first page .

After last page

Prints frames with this attribute after all other pages have been printed. This enables the printing of fields such as a return or CN22 label .

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