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hedley gaynon

Amazon collection issues

Is anyone having amazon collection issues this morning.

Ive updated to the latest version and its very slow to collect and no email or phone numbers are being collected?



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Re: Amazon collection issues

Hi Hedley

Amazon have been rolling out a significant update to many sellers, which has caused various issues.

We have some information about it here: Current and Recent Issues

Note that email addresses are currently unavailable from Amazon, so you will need to click the "No Email" and "No Phone" text, where applicable, which allows you to ignore these issues.

Please ensure you are on the latest version, as we are releasing updates frequently.


#3 07-03-2019 02:23 pm

hedley gaynon

Re: Amazon collection issues

Also maybe completely unrelated but when trying to print an invoice my printer just spits out blank sheets?


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Re: Amazon collection issues

We are having the same issue as original poster, what we have found is that if you only download 2 orders at a time, its quicker than selecting 20 orders in one hit. ie 10 x 2 downloads is very much quicker than 1 x 20.

Not ideal at all.

Where we have time, we will download 25 at time and walk away till finished, but yesterday there was a lot of x2 downloads.

We are also finding that although marked as collected, some orders are not and we can only find them once we have marked all the collected orders as printed and then go back to the channel and see which ones still have the "colour" box for collected.

This only affects Amazon, ebay is all good.

Just seen the note:

* We have been told that Amazon have an Opt Out button, either on the Orders or Order Details page. That makes it lot faster to collect.

Have done this and its back to normal speed.

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#5 12-03-2019 12:08 pm


Re: Amazon collection issues

We have released another update for Amazon.
Please see here:


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