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#1 08-11-2019 07:37 pm

Simply NikNaks

Adding tracking number to Woocommerce order

Would it be possible to add tracking number to a woocommerce order when I click 'Despatch'?

It could be something as simple as adding an Order Note e.g. 'Tracking No. xxxxxxxxxxx'

PP already changes the status of the order from 'Processing' to 'Completed' when I click 'Despatch' so it should be possible.


#2 11-11-2019 12:26 pm


Re: Adding tracking number to Woocommerce order

Thanks for the post. Packing Partner already tries to add tracking when you despatch, but will only do so if you have a tracking number with the sale record.

If you do have tracking numbers (I believe this is the case), and it's not working, please can you email us and we can proceed from there, as there may be an extension in your WooCommerce store which is preventing that from working.

If you don't have tracking numbers, then depending on how you process your sales, you can import them from the carrier or add manually when you mark shipped.

On your order pages, you should have a box for carrier name and tracking number. If you don't see those then that would expalin it.


#3 11-11-2019 01:18 pm

Simply NikNaks

Re: Adding tracking number to Woocommerce order

I'm a little confused by your reply.

Yes - In Packing Partner I use tracking numbers which I import into the Sales Record.

I sell via eBay, Amazon and Woocommerce. When I despatch the tracking details are sent upto eBay and Amazon correctly.

However, in Woocommerce there is no field/box etc on the Order page that comes with the standard system for entering any carrier or tracking number to the order. This is only possible with a Plugin such as 'Advanced Shipment Tracking' (there are others).

Are you saying I need to add such a plugin and if so which plugin do you integrate with?


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